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Let us help you host your special occasion/event….

Chair Massage at your event

  • Contact us to help you organize a chair massage booth at your next event.
  • Reasons for Chair Massage
    1. It’s a crowd pleaser.  Chair massage improves attendee satisfaction by enhancing a state of relaxation.
    2. Provide a valuable service.  Chair massage will create a lasting impression and your new contacts will remember you.
    3. Traffic generator.  Distinguish yourself and your booth/event with chair massage.  Nothing entices people more than free massage.  Watch them line up.
    4. Economical.  A chair massage is brief in duration making cost per person exceptional.
    5. Effective marketing.  You can effectively deliver your marketing message to a relaxed and receptive attendee after a chair massage.
    6. Easy to arrange.  Our massage therapist needs only a 6’x6’ space and can be set up and ready to go in minutes.
    7. Flexible and Versatile.  Chair massage at your trade show exhibit adds a dynamic dimension with the added benefit of human interaction.