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Please note all Sacred Space Therapists are self-employed and dedicated to lovingly serving you.


Tish Galloway FossChief Officer Of High Spirits/Sacred Medicine Woman, Massage and Energy Work

Linda Vasquez RubioQueen of Synchronicity, Massage & Energy Work

Kim Greenway – Massage Therapist, Energy Worker, Birth Doulabigstock-One-plant-in-female-hands-on-w-18867938

Nancy Dell’Aquila – Esthetician

Enrique Sat Prakash SinghKundalini Yoga in Spanish

Courtney KingAdvanced Practitioner of Wellness 

Dan RossHealth-Certified NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist

Jasmin CalderonHealing & Mindfulness Educator, Massage Therapist

Aimee the MediumPsychic, Medium, Reiki Master

Lizette CalderonCertified Massage Therapist & Health Educator (Habla Español)

Stephanie Cunha Reiki 1

Paulina PargaCertified Massage Therapist & Healer (Habla Espanol)

Tish GallowayTish Galloway Foss

Chief Officer Of High Spirits/Sacred Medicine Woman, Massage and Energy Work

Tish has been a Professional Massage Therapist & Health Educator since 1995. She has completed 400 hours of extensive training in massage therapy @ National Holistic Institute,100 hours for Deep Tissue & Reflexology at Just For Your Health, and 125 hours in Shiatsu. She has also completed 16 hours of Advanced Neck & Shoulder Work at Body Therapy Center and 16 Hours of Native Warm Stone Therapy. Tish has also completed Reiki I. In 2005 & 2006 Tish was part of a team of massage therapists voted by Metro as “Best Massages In Silicon Valley!” She worked with The San Jose Sharks from 2006 to 2009. Tish has a natural gift and truly works beautifully with others. She works with autism, fibromyalgia, and cancer patients.  Call her when you’re having a challenging day! Tish has lived in the Willow Glen area her whole life. It used to be called ‘The Valley Of The Hearts Delight,’ and that is just what the land has given her. There is so much history and diversity here and she has called this place home for over 40 years. She truly feels connected to mother earth here, even in all the hustle and bustle of Silicon Valley.

“I love my work with a passion and I have searched for the best practitioners of many modalities with that same passion and dedication to their practice. I wanted a place where you could come and truly experience yourself and that is just what we have done! It is our honor to serve your needs and then some. We created Our Sacred Space with you in mind.”   Visit Our Sacred Space’s Facebook page!

Linda RubioLinda Vasquez Rubio

Queen of Synchronicity/GM, Massage and Energy Healing  (Calendar is closed due to travel.) 

My intention is to help you fall in love with life by helping you fall in love with yourself. I help invoke all of your senses; sound, taste, smell, touch, sight-insight into you through the use of natural healing methods.

The natural healing methods I use in assisting you along your journey include massage, nutritional healing massage oils/scrubs/mud, sound healing, and energy work.

My love for nutrition guided me towards using organic and vegan products as much as possible to invigorate your body.  Using Superfoods fires up your health and wellness regimen.

The massage table is a sound table that sends vibrating tones directly through your body.  Sound healing soothes, balances, and restores your body’s cells by replicating healing on a cellular level.

The energetic work I’m guided to share with the world can further shift the vibration of blocked energy caused by unresolved emotional trauma.

These natural healing methods are shared with you to help you identify a blissful state so you can tap into it later when faced with daily stressors. I love being a witness to unconditional love and the possibility of change. Helping you fall in love with yourself helps the universe, as a whole; vibrate at its natural state.  We are naturally high vibrating beings and occasionally need help remembering and embracing that state.

I am also certified in Reiki II, Reconnective Healing III, Hypnotherapy, and Massage.   Visit Linda’s Facebook Page!

KimGreenwayKim Greenway

Massage Therapist, Birth Doula, and Intuitive

Kim Greenway began her professional journey in 2006 at Heartwood Institute in northern California. Here she fell in love with the therapeutic potential of massage and became deeply interested in healing. Since then, Kim has studied traditional Thai massage, Shiatsu, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue and Pre/Postnatal massage. Kim also has a B.A. in Biology and Psychology and applies her extensive knowledge of anatomy and body systems to assist in your health journey. For a personalized, integrated massage, pricing starts at $80/hour with several package options available.

In 2007, Kim added birth and labor support to her list of services and in 2010 became a certified DONA International doula. She feels honored and blessed to be a part of the birth experience and looks forward to providing a peaceful, compassionate and informed birth experience for families of the greater South Bay Area. She is fascinated by all aspects of pregnancy, labor, birth, breastfeeding, infant care, placental encapsulation and postpartum family support. Kim is currently studying to become a trained Assistant Midwife with Birth Arts International and is an assistant for a local homebirth midwife. Doula support fees are $900 and may include following services:

  • Help in creating a birth plan.  24/7 availability for questions and pre-labor support. Use of aromatherapy, TENs unit, rebozo and other coping tools during labor. Continuous labor and birth support for the entire experience at the location you desire.  Assistance in establishing breastfeeding

From a very young age, Kim has been communicating with the spirit world and is incredibly sensitive to energetic subtleties. This connection has allowed Kim to be an exceptional Massage Therapist and Doula. Kim has also studied the Kunz/Krieger method of therapeutic touch, aura readings, aromatherapy, spirit guide communication, integrated chakra healing, and past-life readings. She has earned her certificate as a Level II Reiki Healer and will be starting her Reiki Master Training in June 2013. Most recently, Kim attended several inspiring workshops with Julie McNulty; as a result, Kim is very excited to offer her intuitive gift to help others find clarity and peace. Readings with Kim start at $80 and tailored to your emotional and spiritual needs.

Kim feels that guided by understanding and unconditional love, the search for internal balance and health will always be a rewarding life event. To Kim the greatest teachers are her clients and she looks forward to the challenge of creating a sensitive, healing, empathic and personal experience. Please feel free to contact Kim with any questions regarding her experience or services.

Nancy Dell'AquilaNancy Dell’Aquila


Nancy has been a licensed Esthetician/Cosmetologist since 1986. She attended the San Jose City College School of Cosmetology as well as additional massage training through the Body Therapy Center. Through the years, Nancy has found that her true love is in the world of Esthetics. Her approach to her facials is to promote healthy skin along with personal wellness by allowing the client to relax deeply through upper body massage during their visit. Her clients leave with beautiful skin and a feeling of inner peace. The product lines that she enjoys using most are the organic skin care line of Eminence and Jan Marini.

Nancy has lived in the South Bay Area her entire life and when she is not working with clients she is spending time with her family. She married her high school sweetheart from Lynbrook High School in San Jose,  and they have two fantastic teenage boys.  Visit Nancy’s Facebook Page!

SONY DSCEnrique Sat Prakash Singh

Kundalini Yoga Instructor (Spanish)  Private Lessons

Enrique Sat Prakash Singh is a teacher of Kundalini Yoga. He knows with total clarity that the most sacred source that any human being can experience in any dimensional plane, is self-love by recognizing his/her inner Self, the infinite potential and the awakening of one’s dormant energy. The real benefits within the spiritual practice of Kundalini Yoga are the power to merge into infinity in order to understand our totality, reaching an evolutionary process towards enlightenment.

Enrique Sat Prakash Singh recientemente graduado de su curso como maestro de Kundalini Yoga, sabe con total claridad que la fuente más sagrada que el ser humano puede experimentar en cualquier plana dimensional, es el amor propio mediante el reconocimiento de su ser interno, de su potencial infinito y de su energía dormida. Los beneficios reales dentro de la práctica espiritual en Kundalini Yoga, son el poder mergirte en la infinidad para comprendernos en la totalidad, alcanzando así un proceso evolutivo hacia la iluminación.

img_3840 Courtney King

Advanced Practitioner Of Wellness

Courtney King is a deeply talented massage therapist trained in multiple modalities and specialty body treatments. Courtney’s massage specialties are Ashiatsu Deep Feet Bar Therapy,  Deep Tissue, Trigger Point and therapeutic massage, where her complete attention to detail and intuitive nature serves both her clients and her practice well. Courtney’s many years of experience, is peppered with extensive ongoing training. Courtney’s dedication to her art and the love she puts into her customized massages is really something special.

What makes Courtney’s massage particularly outstanding is her ability to attune to her clients, and her dedication to working with them to improve their overall health. Your aftercare might consist of detailed instruction on stretching and problem areas. information on heating and icing if needed, you might even receive a recommendation to a Chiropractor or Acupuncturist. Courtney’s knowledge on how eating can and does effect your body, is both effective and helpful. Her belief that we are our own healers makes your time with her productive and relaxing

DanRossDan Ross

Health-Certified NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist

Common outcomes for Dan’s work include:

          • Reach your ideal weight
          • Break a bad habit
          • Eliminate a fear
          • Pain relief
          • Stress Reduction
          • Set and achieve compelling goals
          • Quit smoking

Dan’s mission is to help people get more of what they want in life and experience less of what they don’t want.

Living and working in the Silicon Valley, he has held positions from Engineer to CEO, while always pursuing this area’s spirit of innovation. Learning and using techniques for rapid and positive change has become his passion, and he is excited to guide people toward living the lives they truly desire.

Dan’s training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) started in 1995, followed by training in Ericsonian Hypnosis starting in 2003. He has continued to study with and learn from some of the world’s leading changeworkers.

“I really enjoy applying these technologies because they represent ways that you can actually reprogram your brain to get the results you want, without you having to think about it.”

Dan has achieved a wide range of certifications, including:

  • Certified NLP Practitioner
  • Certified NLP Master Practitioner
  • Certified NLP Health Practitioner
  • Anthony Robbins Trainer Academy graduate
  • Certificate in Transforming Communication
  • Certified Hypnotherapist

Dan has also received training in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), dynamic spin release, mindfulness practices, authentic communication, mind-body health applications, guided imagery and guided meditations, goal setting and achievement, awareness practices, and personal coaching and business coaching.

Visit Dan’s Facebook page and Website!

JasminJasmin Calderon

Massage Therapist 
From an early age Jasmin naturally gravitated towards massage. She was in 2nd grade of elementary school when her mother received feedback from Jasmin’s teachers and the elementary school staff. They reported that they had mentioned how their neck and back hurt and how Jasmin gave them ” the best massage ever “. She was only 8 years old.
Since then Jasmin has attended National Holistic Institute and has studied Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Myofascial/Trigger point release, Shiatsu, Pre/Post natal plus many more. She graduated in 2009 and has been a Professional Massage Therapist & Health Educator ever since.
She is passionate about healing others through her magical loving touch and is always upgrading her knowledge on the body, the mind and the soul. Jasmin enjoys being active and traveling. She understands the needs of those ” on the go” and how to bring them back to a relaxed and balanced state of being.
She is looking forward to sharing her Hands of Cosmic Strength with you!  Visit Jasmin’s Facebook Page!

Aimee Chaouch Headshot

Aimee the Medium

Psychic, Medium, Reiki Master

The first time Aimee communicated with spirit, she was 4 years old; and while that first contact frightened her, she learned to accept and understand these encounters as a gift that could be shared with others.  She has spent most of her life learning about and training her gift as a psychic and a medium, and works very closely with her spirit guides and other spiritual teachers to continue cultivating all she has learned.  She has been trained personally by world renowned psychic medium, Lisa Williams, and psychic and channel, Paul Selig. She is featured as a Certified Spiritual Advisor and recommended by the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development.

 Aimee’s goal in all her readings is to receive intuitive information and messages from your spirit guides and loved ones, about your energetic well-being and to work with your energy field to clear blocked and stagnant energy which can manifest as “dis-ease” or problems on the physical level, to bring your energy field back into its naturally beautiful, bright and strong state.
Intuitive Energy Healing – In these unique sessions I combine my intuitive abilities of medium communication and psychic ability, with practical healing techniques from my background as a Reiki master.
Visit Aimee’s Facebook page!

1558561_753903148007273_4653846006219368384_n Lizette Calderon

 Massage Therapist & Health Educator
 Which Include :
  – Swedish
  -Energy Work
  – Myofacial Release
As a child of the stars, Lizette has had a firey passion for the healing and holistic Arts. Growing up in a Hispanic house-hold as the eldest, she always looked up to her grandmothers natural tendencies to call on Earth’s medicine for healing . She saw the potential and magic that the heart and Mother Earth’s care provides for all. Getting to the root of dis-ease, which begins in Spirit. Spending most of her moments in a colorful garden of Animals growing up, she fell inclined to tending to and healing Animals. Lizette took a Veterinary course during High School where she found herself shifting and learning more on Holistic healing as the medical intrusive approach she was going in as a Vet. Assistant was not her hearts calling. Lizette grew to listen to herself and her heart which has lead her to limitless self discoveries fueling the fire in her Spirit, her heart, and the healing Arts. As a graduate of National Holistic Institute 2014, she feels the freshness of being a newbie , yet the flame in her heart has never felt so at home. Lizette is honored and excited to experience the growing fields of Holistic Medicine. She will be continuing her education in herbal studies along side her practice. Lizette is grateful to have an opportunity to share healing space with you.
Como niño de las estrellas, Lizette ha tenido una pasión por las artes curativas y holísticas. Creciendo en un hogar hispano como la mayor, siempre admiró las tendencias curativas de su abuela por medio de medicinas naturales de la Tierra. Ella vio la magia y el potencial que el corazón y la atención incondicional de la Madre Tierra proporcionan para todos. Llegar a la raíz de la enfermedad, iniciar desde el espíritu. Lizette pasó la mayor parte de su tiempo en un colorido jardín con animales, inclinándoce al crecer en el cuidado y curación de estos. Tomó un curso de veterinaria durante la secundaria donde se encontraba cambiando y aprendiendo más sobre curaciones holísticas ya que sintió que el enfoque médico intrusivo de la veterinaria no era para ella. Lizette creció y escuchó su propio corazón, lo que la ha llevado al ilimitado descubrimiento del fuego en su espíritu, su corazón y las artes curativas. Como graduada del Instituto Holístico Nacional en 2014, siente la frescura de un novato, sin embargo, la llama en su corazón nunca se sintió tan en casa como ahora. Ella se siente honrada y emocionada por las experiencias en los campos en crecimiento de la medicina holística. Continúa su formación con el estudio y practica en las hierbas. Lizette está agradecida de tener la oportunidad de compartir este espacio curativo contigo!     

Steph's first pictureStephanie Cunha

Reiki I

Stephanie’s sacred life journey started early in life. At the young age of two, she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. This road took her through many twists and turns.  She became her “own best doctor” mainly due to all the treatments and medications the doctors put her on. After struggling with this for the majority of her young life, she knew she could no longer be a test rabbit and had to do something about it. After studying Psychology for three years in college, she decided to move forward and combine the work w/Reiki. She studied Reiki like the back of her hands. She got certified in Usui Reiki I in June 2015 and out the gates she went. Stephanie intends to follow this path to level II this year and will continue until she becomes a Reiki Master. She is also planning on taking massage therapy to enhance the experience. Stephanie’s passion is not only to learn to heal her self but also to share her knowledge and services to reach out and touch the heart of those that are in need of balance, relaxation, emotional and/or physical healing.

Stephanie has held on to a compelling interest in the supramundane and has also studied topics, theories and spirituality on her own time. She is connected to Spirit and that of her Portuguese ancestors in their work of natural healing and herbal medicines. Stephanie was passed down a number of stories and resources from her elders to continue the ritual and works with divination, as well as natural healing methods. We believe she is well on her way to becoming her natural self.


motherearth2Paulina Parga

Certified Massage Therapist & Healer

Who am I?

I am an immigrant of Mexico and my culture and family traditions live and vibrate within my heart. I am connected with the wisdom of my ancestors who possessed a knowledge for healing the body, the soul,and the energies. I came to the United States eight years ago with my family. My journey has given me the opportunity to understand that the fruits of my labor originate from the roots of my ancestors healing. I understood that it was from my heart and my family orgins that inspired me. Especially through my grandmother who taught me the natural gift of healing from our roots and knowledge of plants, medicines and ancient remedies. When I started my career as a Professional Massage Therapist in 2013, I realized I was walking on familiar ground. I fell in love on the spot with my profession. I discovered within the roots of my heart that this work is my life’s purpose. With this discovery, I gradually grew in the knowledge of the body’s energies and the deep understanding of the connection between mind, body, and soul. In this state of deep relaxation the mind has access to the subconscious and enters into a state of harmony with the universe. Using my hands, my words, and my energy that Mother Earth provides me, I am able to assist in the healing process.


Quien soy yo:

Mis origen hispano,mi cultura y tradiciones que viven y vibran en mi corazón. Estoy conectada a la sabiduría de mis ancestros que poseían conocimiento para la curación del cuerpo, el alma, y las energias. Tengo actualmente 8 años con mi familia en este pais. Mi camino me ha dado la oportunidad de entender que la prosperidad de mis frutos vienen desde la sabiduria de mis ancestros. Comprender que era algo que nacia desde mi corazón y mis origenes que me inspiro. Especialmente mi abuelita que me enseno el don natural de sanar con su conocimiento de plantas,

medicinas y remedios antiguos. Cuando empeze mi carrera como Masagista Profesional comprendi que caminaba sobre piso familiar. Y me enamore en ese momento de mi profesión. Descubri que desde las raizes de mi corazon era el propósito de mi vida. Con este descubrimiento, poco a poco creci en el conocimiento de la energía del cuerpo y entiendo profundamente la conección que existe entre el alma, mente, y cuerpo. En este estado de completa relajación profunda la mente tiene acceso al subconsciente y entra en un estado de harmonia con el universo. Utilizando mis manos,mis palabras, y mi energia que me da La Madre Tierra, estoy disponible en asistir el processo de sanacion.